About Us

Elders Bangalow is a real estate agency that understands the ever changing needs of the property market. We have woken to the demands of the rapidly changing world of competition, information and customer expectations. We consider ourselves ahead in many areas. We have undertaken new strategy development, restructures, embraced new technology and formulated a new vision and company values.

Elders Bangalow provide their clients with clarity and insight when marketing and selling their property. We offer a range of services that help you identify and implement the best marketing strategies for your property, focussing on communication and feedback to create an environment where you are always informed on how the market place is currently performing. Our work stands out both by the unique degree of tailoring we undertake to meet specific property needs and by the high quality of our solutions.

The Principal’s of  Elders Bangalow are Duncan Lorimer and Janice Maple. The agency was founded in 1980 and the team has worked very hard at building a strong network within the region. Elders Bangalow are considered to be the leading real estate agency in the region, having won many industry awards and setting record sales figures. Elders Bangalow are also the premier agents when it comes to auctioning your property.

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